Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Penfield is the industry’s first human-machine intelligence platform, modelling Cybersecurity Analysts actions and processes in real time. The platform augments their workflows to improve speed, accuracy, knowledge sharing and automation of manual processes.

The Penfield Platform

The Penfield.AI engine operates on a hybrid-cloud (on-prem and cloud) environment, which provides our customers with more flexibility. The platform does not replace existing SOC tools, but rather it integrates with existing SIEM, SOAR and/or Ticketing tools and works with each analyst to improve incident response. It audits 100% of closed incidents and surfaces processes best suited for automation by the most appropriate analyst.

How It Works

Agility through real-time coaching pushed to analysts based on best practices

Accuracy through automated auditing of every incident resolved, in real-time, to ensure mistakes are not sliding under the radar

Productivity through automation of manual processes by making detailed recommendations on processes that improve accuracy to ensure Analysts devote their time to the most critical tasks

Efficiency through intelligent task distribution, assigning incidents automatically to the analyst with the best skillset to resolve an incident

Visibility by modelling and quantifying skillsets to understand the complete strengths and vulnerabilities in a SOC

Penfield.AI MAP

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